The Interdisciplinary Approach to Making Money with Art

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The concept of the starving artist no longer exists. As we all know, money is crucial to surviving. Artists have accepted that they need to make a decent living to continue doing what they love.

The best approach an artist can profit off their craft is by interweaving it with other industries.

Business and Marketing

An artist can have many roles in the world of business and become entrepreneurs by opening craft businesses and selling their wares. These can be jewelry, pottery, or even stationery items like postcards or stickers. Some visual artists also open commissions for interested clients who wish to see more of the artist’s style.

On the other hand, artists can collaborate with established companies through marketing. Choosing to work in a creative agency in places like Dubai or Singapore opens this possibility.

Artists in creative agencies provide different services that include, but not limited to, product and graphic design, data visualization, web design and development, and even brand strategies.

Film and Media

Artists are aplenty in the film and media industries, considering what these industries produce. In newspapers and magazines, artists are in charge of the layout, cartoon accompaniment, and the photographs that line the pages.

Meanwhile, films and television shows benefit from artists because they make production more appealing. Actors and actresses showcase their talent in acting and evoke emotion in the audience. The people behind them, such as makeup artists and stylists, make sure that they look their best when they step in front of a camera.

As for radio broadcast, many stations showcase the works of artists working with music. Combined with streaming platforms, musicians have more reach these days.

And the internet media can’t be forgotten either. Thanks to modern technology, artists can share their art with thousands, if not millions of people each day. Animators take to sites like YouTube to post their animations in video form. They generate profit through ad revenue.


Like the film industry, the theater would be nothing without artists. Shows exist because of the talented actors and actresses who are often capable of not only acting but singing and dancing as well. Production-wise, artists make up most of the group. They do the set and background images, costumes, props, and even background music.



Art publishing becomes more popular with each passing day, but artists can work in publishing in other ways, too. A great example would be doing cover work. While it’s true that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, most of us still do. Those with eye-catching art draw more attention than those that don’t.


Teaching is a popular career among artists still completing their masters or Ph.D. Writing their papers give them the chance to expand their knowledge on their chosen craft. Teaching allows them to impart said knowledge to the younger generation.

There are other ways for artists to make money. Some keep day jobs — careers that don’t relate to their passions. Despite these methods, it’s understandable why the interdisciplinary approach is the most popular one.

With these approaches, artists can show the world that their hobbies and passions are suited for profit.

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