Video Marketing Myths that are Killing Your B2B Marketing Efforts

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Video is a staple in the modern marketer’s arsenal. Videos are a pithy and captivating medium that is good at delivering tons of information in a relaxed but memorable manner. Despite their rise to glory, many business owners and in-house marketing teams still cling to unfounded myths that water down their marketing efforts.

Making Videos is Quite Time Consuming

Video production is involving. The catch is there are video production companies in Manchester that can help you prepare professional videos without taking you away from your work. One elaborate video backed up by multiple self-shot videos is a great way to keep your video campaign going.

Don’t hold back. Get a professional to create cornerstone videos and then create simple extras. You can shoot the extra videos using simple cameras or employee phones as long as they match the marketing theme.

Video Production is Expensive

Most companies spend under 10 percent of their marketing budget to see tangible results. It doesn’t matter whether you hire a video production company or have your own in-house team. You can get impressive and engaging videos without blowing your marketing budget.

The cost of producing videos has dropped significantly, thanks to cheaper and more accessible hardware and software. You can shoot editable videos using phone cameras and edit the video using free tools in the phone or a PC, and it will still serve the purpose.

Good Videos Use Models

This is a popular B2B marketing myth that is hard to kill. In the past, most businesses hired popular models for their video ad shoots. Others are still holding onto this trend, thinking that this is what makes videos more popular.

Things are changing. Featuring your own co-workers makes the target audience take the advert more seriously. They know they are watching real professionals talking about what they do on a daily basis, hence, they will trust more.

Moreover, social media culture is making it easier for people to feel comfortable in videos. This means you won’t get stiff or nervous people in videos because people are used to acting normal on camera.

Video Marketing Should Be ‘Top Funnel’

Finding product videos, demo videos and reveal videos is easy. This is because many businesses focus on using video to introduce their services or product.


Very few go the extra step and shoot videos explaining more about their business. These additional explainer videos are easier to shoot, and the topics are limitless. You can go for anything that:

  • Improves brand awareness
  • Educates the customer
  • Solves problems related to the product

Your additional videos will make you relevant and expand your video marketing efforts with little to no cost. Sometimes, these additional videos might be as simple as recording a sales agent explaining how to fix an error in your product or how to contact the support desk for in-person help.

Starting the year with a well-structured video marketing campaign is a great way to widen your sales funnel. Don’t let these myths stop you from pushing your sales efforts to higher levels this year.

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