What’s Inside an Innovative Press Kit

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You know this already: press kits contain detailed information about the brand. Nowadays, having your brand’s history, contact information, company logo, and product details inside the press kit is not enough. Brands are opting for custom printed promotional bags instead of folders and envelopes. Some even choose a personalised box which matches well with the brand’s concept and style. The significance of company branding in this digital world has contributed to the evolution of press kits. As seen from the young and hip brands out there, press kits can be fun, chic, and well-thought-of.

Press kits are necessary for every launch, whether you’re launching a product or a brand. Since you’ll be spending money on it, why not make it better than the go-to utilitarian design? You have the option to hit two birds with one stone— first is to use it in providing information for the members of the press, and second is to garner customers by attracting them. When the media can see that every aspect of your company is intricately mulled over, you might garner extra support from them.

You don’t need to have a large-scale business and endless flow of funds to provide a press kit that goes beyond the norm. All you have to do is consider your branding, and these few other details to make your press kit stand out from the rest:

  1. Well-curated packaging

Designing your press kit is an opportunity to show off what the creative minds behind your company can do. Consider your company’s vision and philosophy, then translate them into your press kit’s packaging. Are you a sustainable brand whose ethos is centred on the earth’s rehabilitation? Paperless press kit might be the way to go, but you have the option to showcase how your company is helping the cause through the materials and design of your press kit. For example, you can provide information that the paper used in the press kit is the same one used in the entire office.

  1. Useful items

office supplies

Freebies are always welcome. However, don’t waste your funds on items that are bound to be forgotten or thrown away. You can add an item produced by your company, especially if the kit is from a product launch. If the company offers services instead of products, office supplies are the go-to freebie items. It is a matter of choosing a unique material for that slice of innovation. Going back to the previous example, a sustainable company can include a pen made from bamboo, instead of the normal pen printed with your company logo.

  1. Personal touch

True enough, press kits come in a bunch. This doesn’t mean each one can’t be personalised. You can add a touch of warmth by including a handwritten note or a label with the receiver’s name written in calligraphy. Small details can bring a huge impact.

In this digital world, some companies are choosing electronic press kits. However, the advantage of a physical press kit is that receivers can have full-sense experience of your brand. This way, you can let them into your brand- beyond the words written on paper- by curating an experience, not only information.

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