Primary Components of an Effective Online Audio Advert

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A significant portion of marketing nowadays relies on digital marketing platforms. While most businesses are focused on churning the best content – videos and still images for different types of platforms – few people bother with audio adverts. For them, audio adverts ended with the reign of radios, and they assume no one listens to the radio anymore. They could not be more wrong with the cropping of online radio stations which reach millions of listeners worldwide daily.

Sirius XM commercials are among the audio adverts on one of the best performing online radio stations currently. This is because the ads on this station are integrated with the listener’s favorite playlist and other elements which keep a listener tuned in rather than turn them off like the numerous stations which run ads all day. This does not mean any ad which runs on this online radio station guarantees you automatic returns. Here are the elements you should focus on in your ad so that it reaches your target clients.


If you keep changing your audio ads, it is easy to lose your clients at some point. You need to be consistent in the music, key message, ad structure, and the voice you use for your ad so that your listeners can readily associate the adverts with your brand. The best audio ads are those in which a listener can readily identify your brand just from the music before the message comes on. This can only become a reality if you use the same elements across all your adverts.


For your ad to be memorable, you should be focused since it is easy for the attention of your clients to shift when listening to an audio message. Start your ad’s creation with a clear cut objective of what you want to achieve. You will then focus your ad’s message on this objective and ensure it is evident within the first 30 seconds of your ad. Less is always more when relaying your brand’s value proposition in online audio adverts.

Conversational Tone

Most traditional audio ads use voiceovers, excessive repetition, and overused sound effects. These can put off your digital market since clients now look for something they can relate with. Using a conversational rather than an authoritative or professional voice is the best approach for online audio ads. They make a listener feel like they are getting a message from someone they can relate to and trust.


Woman wearing earphones

This is the selling point of digital advertising. Remember that an audio ad is at times directly delivered through the earphones of a listener. If for instance, you start your message with “Hey, Sirius XM listener!” rather than good morning listener, the advert will be highly effective. This is because a listener feels your ad is directly speaking to him/her, and thus his/her attention is naturally piqued.

People assume that anything goes when putting together an audio ad. Without the above elements, actualizing any of the returns companies are now reaping will remain a dream for your company. As such, get the best advertising expert to put your advert together and make the above elements work for you.

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