Home Office Organization Hacks for the Innately Disorganized Worker

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Some of us just can’t be bothered with extreme organization, and it’s not because of laziness, but rather an innate quality that’s almost impossible to change. It’s nature, after all, and even if we do try to go against it, we still end up coming back over and over again to the same old habits that lead to heavy clutter. And honestly, we’re fine with it. We’ve learned to accept that that’s just the way we are, and we can actually thrive in the mess.

But as adult professionals, this rather unconventional preference for mess may affect our work quality. Being disorganized may cause us to misplace important work files, forget deadlines or appointments, and miss urgent tasks. When done repeatedly, these mistakes will definitely impact our performance and relationship with our clients and/or colleagues. Surely, we’re not wishing to be fired from our jobs or for our businesses to fail.

That said, if you’re poor at organizing, the key is to have items that will your keep clutter at bay. The design of your home office matters, too. To keep the space always neat, presentable, and serviceable, you can ask help from experienced interior designers in Salt Lake City or other areas. Their expertise may just inspire you to finally work clutter-free.

Home Office Must-Haves

1. A Desk

This is obviously a no-brainer, but if your home office only has a desk and nothing else, then no wonder clutter never stops piling up. Start with a desk big enough to accommodate your laptop or computer and a few folders, and has drawers for the rest of your work material.

2. Containers, Baskets, and Bins

Drawers hide your clutter, not really organize it, so stock up on containers you can tuck into your drawers so that your files can be sorted into categories. Load up on baskets and bins, too, which you can put on top of your desk or underneath. They can store small items from pens to paper clips, to big ones like file folders and envelopes.

3. Label Makers

If you tend to forget where you’ve placed a certain document, label makers might help. Color-code each storage according to the file type inside, such as office supplies, mail, financials, insurance papers, contracts, etc.

4. Shelves

Having ample shelving units can already solve all your storage problems, even if you don’t buy drawers. Use baskets to separate items of different categories, adding a label for easy locating. If you keep your books in your home office, try sorting them per genre, color, or size depending on your preference. Sorting them by color will add visual interest to the space, making a good mix of organization and decor.

5. Calendar

calendar on yellow background

Not the one in your smartphone or computer, but an actual, physical calendar. Hang it to the wall where you can easily see it. Don’t forget to jot down your deadlines and appointments on it, or its purpose will be defeated!

6. Folders and Binders

Instead of just piling your papers in a basket as they are, take it up a notch by binding them into a folder. Again, they must be categorized for a clear distinction. The medical records folder must be different from the birth certificates folder, even if they’re both personal files. That said, be specific on your labels to avoid confusion when you need to look for them.

7. Desk Accessories

Another way to mix organization and decor is by using desk accessories. Choose visually-pleasing items that match the space’s color palette. Consider pen holders, phone stands, folder storage, and coasters. They add practical charm and the look of being put together.

And of course, just because we’re focused on practicality doesn’t mean we’ll forego aesthetics. With all your files kept, you can have room for decorative items such as indoor plants and wall art, so fill your home office with those after successfully organizing.

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