For Wedding Coordinators: Stay Sane on the Big Day

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Wedding coordination is a fulfilling job, but only if you get it right. There’s a lot of pressure that falls on you as a coordinator to make sure that the couple’s special day remains as special as possible. It’s unlikely that you can achieve that if you aren’t into practices that keep you sane on the big day itself.

While there’s no avoiding the stress that comes with every mishap thrown your way, you can do something to manage it better.

Guide the Vendors

Guiding is different from micromanaging. Remember that you’re all professionals in your own right, and not all vendors perform their jobs the same way. This highlights the importance of getting to know each one and streamlining their participation on the big day.

You can make this easier by suggesting wedding photographer and videographer packages from vendors you’ve worked with. If the couple goes with your suggestions, you reduce the uncertainties on the big day because you’ve already established a working relationship.

Micromanaging is more tempting to do for those you’re meeting for the first time. You can avoid this by holding several meetings and confirming details more than once. This should give you an idea of possible problems you’ll encounter, like tardiness and unpleasant attitudes. The good thing with knowing this ahead of time is you get to prepare for them mentally and emotionally.

Feed Everyone

wedding reception at an outdoor venue

Food is essential, not only for guests but also for you and the rest of the vendors. Wedding caterers usually have the option of crew meals. Discuss this with the vendors and the couple beforehand to avoid trouble with costs. As with everything, it’s always good to have extra just in case.

Inform your vendors where they can get the crew meals or if someone will serve them. A hearty meal in the middle of an eventful day can ensure that everybody does their job well and in a good mood, too. After all, there’s no one more difficult to deal with than a hangry person.

The same applies to you. Choose a place where the caterer can leave your meal. It’s best if that’s a corner with all your other essentials, including extra bottles of water and protein bars. You’ll be chowing down your food as though you’re in a race, so you’re better of eating far from everyone’s view. It will amaze you what wonders good food will do to your performance.

Keep the Couple in Mind

Some couples are simple. Some are high maintenance. It’s essential to have a good understanding of their preferences before the wedding day. When changes happen, and you can’t approach the bride or groom, knowing what they like will help you make the right decisions.

This is especially crucial for things they’re particular with, like food and music. Take note of options they considered during food-tasting sessions and ask for back-up songs for every part of the program. It’s a coordinator’s biggest mistake to underestimate the capacity of technology to glitch and food to go bad. At least, when things go wrong, you’re not clueless about what remedies the couple will most appreciate.

Find moments within the day to catch your breath. Sometimes, a pause can go a long way in surviving such a hectic event. It’s simple practices like this that can keep you sane and functioning at your best to deliver somebody’s dream wedding.

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