Graphic Design: What Every Start-Up Needs

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Starting a business is a demanding yet exciting venture. It involves a lot of brainstorming: business names, products, services and costs. There will also be a lot of legal paperwork and organisation of resources. These will build your business from the ground up, but a start-up isn’t one of those “if you build it, they will come” projects. You need an effective toolkit to set yourself apart from competitors.

Process Development for Start-Up Business

One such crucial tool for a start-up’s development is graphic design. Graphic design creates a huge impact on the marketing of your business. It promotes your brand through the logo, promotional materials and the story you’re selling.

Logo and package design


Design IdeationThe logo of your brand is the face of your business. Often, it’s the first thing a potential customer will notice. That’s why established brands spend a lot of money when they want to change their logos. BBC reports that the world’s multinational companies spend millions on their logos alone.

T & D Print, a company that specialises in graphic design, emphasizes that it is important to have a design you love and are proud to use as the face of your company. It creates the initial impression, and you will be using this logo across multiple media for advertisement. Details like colours, shapes and fonts are important because they convey the message of your brand.

Additionally, the same goes for the packaging design of your products. Packaging creates brand recognition and communicates the idea of your merchandise. It presents the benefits of the items you’re selling and the values of your business.

Promotional materials

Graphic design creates ads that help promote your brand. Printed materials are the backbone of any marketing effort. It’s the best way to advertise your company right in front of your customers. Want others to be reminded of your brand all year long? Design and print out free calendars for your patrons. Some companies also print out stickers to give away during parades and festivals. These stickers have quotes or eye-catching images on them that customers love, with the company’s logo at the side.

Brochures and flyers also engage customers and encourage them to learn more about your products and services. They’re tangible pieces of information about what you’re selling. Customers can refer to them time and time again. Start-ups with creatively designed corporate brochures benefit from these materials. They create a professional and reliable image for a budding business.

Engaging through storytelling

In a competitive market, customers are likely to purchase from brands that connect with them. Your brand’s story adds value and authenticity to what you’re selling. Telling this story through design is crucial in appealing to the emotions of customers. Small details like the lines and fonts in your brand’s design matter. They either make your story simple and clear, or bold and striking. Different colours also tell different stories. The colours you use play a key role in the decisions of consumers.

Take a look at McDonald’s. Their main slogan is ‘I’m Lovin’ It.’ Red and yellow are their primary colors. Red is a great attention grabber, and yellow makes people happy. These design decisions make their customers excited and happy about purchasing their products.

For start-ups, great design is a necessity. When you have your products and brand identity down, this completes the package. Great design makes an impression, and a lasting impression is crucial when you want to stand out.

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