Wedding Prep 101: How to Choose the Right Photographer

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Photographs will be among the tangible mementos you can keep from your wedding day. As you and your partner spend the years together, you will be looking at these photos and remember your big day, and all the fun that came with it, as well as the promise of everlasting love that you made to each other.

That is why picking the right wedding photographer is important. Luckily, in Utah, there are many talented photographers who will be able to capture every special moment, whether big or small, on your special day.

If you are still looking, here are some tips that can help you make the right pick.

Should You Keep it Within the Family?

The moment you announced that you are engaged, you probably had a family member or a friend offer their services as your photographer at a discounted price or for free. That is great if they make a living as a wedding photographer. However, unless they have experience covering weddings, it is better to hire a professional as your official photographer.

Photography is not as simple as pointing a camera at the subject and then clicking a button. It is an art that requires a lot of skill and knowledge about angles, lighting, among other things. Plus, events photography comes with its own set of unique requirements and challenges.

A professional will not just take photos that look great on a frame or an album. They will record the magical moments of the event so that you can look back on these fondly, in the future.

Review the Photographer’s Portfolio

Every photographer has their own portfolio full of samples from previous events they covered. Usually, their portfolios are available online through a website or on their social media pages.

Create a list of all local photographers who cover weddings in your area and check their portfolios one by one. If their portfolio is not online, you can ask to see it and they will surely oblige.

Pick the Style That Suits Your Theme

Before you make the choice, decide the style that you want to go for. Be inspired by looking at styles of photography on Instagram, Pinterest, wedding magazines and websites, fashion bloggers, etc. Take note of the ones that appeal to you.

From looking at portfolios, you will also gain an idea of each photographer’s unique style. Choose the ones that are closest to the style you love, so you narrow your options.

Wedding photos

Set Up Interviews

Once you have a shorter list of photographers whose styles work well with yours, call them up and schedule a face-to-face meeting. Ask them to talk about the photos from their portfolios, their methods and approach to photographing the big day, and so on. This is also the time for you to discuss your theme, the style you are going for, and details about the wedding such as the venue, your wedding dress, the ceremony, reception, and other vital aspects of the day.

More importantly, the meeting should test whether you and your partner click with the personality of the photographer. Although you do not have to be best friends with everyone at your wedding, you should be able to work well together. After all, you must trust that they have what it takes to do a good job during one of the most important days of your life.

Trust your gut instincts and go for the photographer you are most comfortable with. Once you have made the choice, figure out logistics like their fee (is it within budget) and their availability.

Do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you want so you can be assured that you will get the picture-perfect wedding you have always dreamed of—literally and figuratively.  After all, your wedding photographs could go a long way to rekindling your lifetime of commitment to your partner.

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