Pursue Your Passion: Minnesota For the Arts and Culture Lover In You

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Minnesota is known for many things: the “Bread and Butter State”; the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”; and that place with the crazy rollercoasters.

However, there is more to Minnesota than its titles- literally and figuratively. Case in point: there are more than 10,000 lakes in actuality. And on top of the breathtaking natural parks and tourist attractions, MN boasts numerous venues for performing arts and cultural events.

The grandeur of Minnesota’s natural landscape may have overshadowed its rich artistic heritage, but let’s not forget that the state produced the likes of Bob Dylan and Prince– proof that there must be something about MN which contributed to the immense artistry and craftsmanship of both artists.

For someone who wants to feed his or her creative soul while having nature as your backdrop, you can try immersing in Minnesota’s culture. Here are the reasons why you should come and visit:

  1. Hubs

Minnesota has galleries, museums, and theaters of various kinds.

If you’re a musician or a music lover, the state’s music scene offers a diverse and vibrant lineup of artists that you can catch in different venues– from local cafes to large well-known clubs and music halls.

If you’re an artist or an art lover, galleries around the state feature contemporary and traditional art forms that you can feast your eyes on. Whether you are a collector or a spectator, the incredible artistry showcased in the paintings, sculptures, glass art, photography, and other visual arts medium will surely spark your own thirst to create.

If you’re a writer or a lover of the written word, there are local bookshops that are just as passionate as you in sharing stories. If you’re a lucky first-time customer, you might even score a free book from one of the bookstores around. You can also witness a play you’ve read come to life by watching a local production in one of MN’s many theaters.

The buildings and their interiors are artworks themselves. Some of these hubs have a history that dates back to the early 1900s— a testament to Minnesota’s long-term love affair with the arts.

teacher and students in a museum field trip

  1. Programs

With the number of venues around, imagine the number of programs scheduled in the events calendar. From the Renaissance Festival to the Midwest Music Festival, Minnesota obviously has a knack for celebrating… everything! You can visit in any season. All year round, there are festivals, fairs, exhibits, and performances. 

For music and visual arts, you can witness the works and performances of emerging and renowned local and regional artists. For theater and performance arts, there are local adaptations of well-loved productions and original productions headed not only by professionals but also passionate locals who are immersing themselves and contributing to the thriving art community.

The programs are specifically curated to entertain and to cultivate a culture that examines and questions. Expect the events to impart an experience that will enlighten you about the past, present, and future.

Minnesota has something for everyone. Pursue its creative trail. Even if you do not claim to have a creative bone in your body, but you happen to be in there for a relaxing vacation, come check out the state’s artistic and cultural identity. And as you do so, might as well grab a cup of coffee from a local store.

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