Pointers to Start Your YouTube Career in 2020

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You don’t have to be a Hollywood celebrity to become world-famous. Nowadays, all you need is excellent and relatable online content to capture the hearts of the internet world. In fact, some YouTube stars are just as popular, if not more, than traditional film and TV actors.

Before, YouTube was mostly a platform for uploading home videos about literally anything. But the website has grown into a lucrative market and business for some people. In fact, YouTube is so profitable that some individuals make vlogging their primary source of income! For example, Ryan Kaji, the nine-year-old kid behind the famous Ryan’s ToysReview, who is the top YouTube earner in 2019 and has amassed approximately $26 million since he started making videos about toy reviews and unboxing in 2015.

Is starting a YouTube channel in 2020 still worth it? You might think it’s too late to get into the industry, but there’s no impossible on the internet. With some good camerawork and video-editing skills, relatable content, and a good camera and video equipment, you can still make YouTube a profitable platform, whether full-time or part-time. If you are new to YouTubing and vlogging, here some tips worth considering!

Curating your content

Most successful YouTube stars have uniform content throughout their channel such as travel, gaming and streaming, lifestyle and make-up, web series, etc. Dude Perfect, a channel owned by five friends, consistently recorded and uploaded breathtaking stunts for years before trying out other content types. They managed to amass a whopping 54 million subscribers after years of hard work.

Before starting your channel, think about the things you are passionate about or some hobbies you can make videos about. This will help you set your goals and plans for your channel.

Polishing your content

Gone were the days when YouTube was full of home videos using low-end camera and video equipment. But since the competition is tight on the video-sharing platform, you need to make sure you got strong and solid camerawork to capture every detail of your content. Unless you are a stuntman or an adrenaline junkie recording videos as you jump off of a helicopter or dive into the sea, the last thing you want is a wobbly camera that can give your viewers a headache.

Many YouTubers started vlogging using smartphones, and some phones are actually capable of taking high-quality videos. But if you are serious about making YouTube vlogging a career, investing in a good camera and video equipment will make your videos more engaging for your viewers. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want or don’t know how to shoot and edit videos by yourself, you can always get the services of a production company to handle the shooting and editing for you.

Video editing

Keeping your videos engaging and concise

Put yourself in the shoes of your intended viewers. What are the things you want to see? What are the things you don’t want to see? The truth is, people don’t want to watch someone blabber on a topic for ten minutes when you can keep it short and concise with just a four- to five-minute clip. Keep in mind that you are still trying to build your channel and engage as many viewers as possible. You won’t be keeping anyone interested if you include unnecessary snippets that you can otherwise omit. 

Marketing your channel

Yes, we know your goal is to make money by creating and uploading content on YouTube. But vlogging is also an investment. If you are serious about pursuing YouTube vlogging as a career, you would need to invest not just time and effort but also money. If you have money to spare, why not advertise your channel for a few weeks to let your channel have a wider reach? Advertising your channel through friends and family is always a nice start, but eventually, you will have to aim for a bigger audience. Marketing your channel is perhaps one of the best ways to make yourself and your channel known if you only just started to ride the YouTube vlogging frenzy. 

There will be some setbacks you’ll experience along the way once you start YouTube vlogging as a full-time endeavor. But if you consistently deliver quality, well-made, and relatable videos, this will help you earn consistent viewers. A steady stream of viewers can also help provide feedback on your work to improve your content and overall brand image. 

Starting on YouTube is not easy, and every successful YouTuber was once a newbie. So if it’s taking time to reach your goals, stay focused, and keep being passionate about your work. Patience and consistency will always be very rewarding in the end!

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