How to Keep Your Fireplace Mantel Properly Maintained

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If you and your family love to gather around the fireplace and bond over food and great stories, then you should always see to it that your fireplace and fireplace mantel are always in great condition. These things can get dirty over time, especially if you use it more often.

To keep your fireplace mantel clean and properly maintained, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure that your antique fireplace surrounds will stay working for a long time.

Clean the Clutter

You most definitely would not want your mantel to look like it has been turned into storage. Avoid placing unnecessary things above the mantel, as this can be unsightly to both you and your visitors. Also, putting many things above the mantel can eventually damage it over time, especially if what you put on top of it is heavy.

You should also avoid putting beverages on top of the mantel, as this can damage the wood. Instead, try to put your most prized possessions on top of the mantel, as this is what it is truly meant for. Remember to keep it simple and balanced so it would not look too cluttered and unruly.

Clean the Mantel Regularly

Clean both the fireplace and the mantel regularly, especially if you use both on a regular basis. Make sure to sweep the fireplace after each use to keep the dust away from the mantel. The smoke will also most likely spread soot all throughout the room, so keep the mantel clean by regularly dusting it over and cleaning it with a damp cloth. Deep clean your mantel every so often so it would not get damaged over time.

For wood mantels, make sure to clean it with an oil-based cleaning product. Avoid using water-based cleansers, as this can heavily damage the wood over time. For stone mantels, cleaning it with mild soap and water would suffice. Do not use regular household cleaners, as this can damage your stone mantel’s natural finish.

Keep Pests in Control

Pest control worker beside his vanOne of the things you should always take note of when it comes to mantels is pests. This is especially important for wood mantels, as termites can cause your wood to get heavily damaged over time. A lot of wood mantels have a hollow backside, which makes it a great haven for pests such as ants and termites.

Make sure to control this by calling a pest control company every so often and asking them to service your home, most especially the fireplace and the mantel. Rodents should also be eliminated, as these creatures can chew off your fireplace mantel’s wood, making unsightly dents on it.

Keep it Protected

If you have a stone mantel, then make sure to seal the stone with a bespoke sealant so you can get rid of the grime, dust, and soot. This will allow you to get rid of such with just one easy wipe, meaning there won’t be a need for heavy scrubbing.

For wood mantels, make sure to polish it regularly to maintain its shine. Always see to it that the wood is free from dust and debris, as this can eventually ruin the surface of the mantel.

Always ask your fireplace mantel supplier on how you can keep your mantel properly maintained. If you still are clueless about how your fireplace mantel should be cleaned, then ask a professional to do it for you. Good luck and enjoy your quality time by the fireplace with your loved ones!

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