Creative Careers: 4 Job Opportunities for Promising Artists

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Artistic expression is easier than ever, with the abundance of physical and digital art materials. Would-be artists can also find guidance quicker, with millions and millions of tutorial videos or how-to guides available to them online. But how can you turn your creative talents into a career?

According to records, there are approximately 2.1 million artists employed in the United States, making up almost 7 percent of the country’s professional workforce. Here are four career paths you can explore that will let you indulge your creative skills and make a living.

Photography and Related Fields

A large facet of being an artist is learning about visual composition and the skills involved in creating the perfect image. A trained visual artist can easily transition to photography and related fields, such as editing. You’ll need lessons on working a camera, especially the technical part involving capturing the image you want perfectly.

A side skill that often accompanies photography is knowledge of using software such as Photoshop to refine your digital images. There are tons of online videos to guide you and there are also professionals who offer lessons on using these programs.

With proper training, you can become a professional photographer or provide photo editing services for e-commerce businesses.

Independent Comic Artist

If joining a company or starting a business isn’t for you, you can try becoming an independent comic artist. Gone are the days when comic artists have to find publishers or send in their work to magazines to reach an audience. Thanks to the internet, you can either publish your work on your own website or start crowdfunding efforts so you can create physical copies of your art.

The tricks into making it big as a comic artist online include having a distinct art style, crafting an engaging story, and posting regular updates. You should also pay attention to the technical details, such as creating an easily navigable website.


Fine Art Restorer

What calling could be nobler than ensuring the majestic work of other artists remains pristine? Becoming a restorer of fine art pieces is one of the most prestigious and complicated professions you can enter.

The duties and responsibilities of a fine art restorer primarily revolve around repairing damages to a huge variety of artworks. These could be old paintings, sculptures, murals, books, and occasionally artifacts. This requires high-level training and copious amounts of research to discover the correct way to treat the art object without exacerbating the damage.

Art Therapist

This career combines two disciplines, namely psychology and artistry. Art therapists use creative means to use art as a way to facilitate mental healing in their clients. During an art therapy session, you will guide your clients in expressing their mental state through art. This allows them to explore their feelings and thoughts in a safe and guided way.

Your training will also instruct you on how to look for recurring themes and signs not only in their artwork but also their behavior. As a field related to mental health, you will need a specialized education should you choose to embark on this career path.

Being an artist opens up untold opportunities. These four careers are just the tip of the iceberg. Explore your options and let your talent shine.

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