A Little Lounge Room: Excellent Ways to Decorate a Small Living Room

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Decorating your home’s interiors can be a complex process. It involves a number of pieces, each with a specific role in making the entire space look and feel complete. Every room contains important pieces, but there are tons of colors, layouts, and configurations to choose from, making the selection a bit overwhelming.

Take the living room, for example. A typical home would have a long sofa, a couple of chairs, a TV set, and perhaps a nice coffee table in the middle. Then you paint the walls, put up some pieces of artworks, fun photographs, patterned curtains for the windows, and a few pieces of fluffy throw pillows and blankets on your couch to keep you feeling warm and comfy.

But all these become challenging when you only have a limited amount of space to work on. Trying to make everything fit in a small area can make your place for relaxation feel cluttered and cramped.

Below are a number of design ideas to fully maximize a small living room without compromising style. Your trusted interior decorator in Utah will agree.

1. Go linear.

When choosing design elements for your living room, try making use of varying geometric and linear prints and patterns. Doing so will allow a small space to have a sense of structure. At the same time, this will also create the illusion of additional length and width for that spacious vibe.

2. Get rid of legs.

If you want more storage and display surfaces in your living room, lose all the legs. Instead, attach as many units on your directly on your walls. By making large pieces “float,” you’ll be able to trick the eyes into believing that less space has been occupied because you’ll still see more available space to work on the floor area. In addition, your newly found space can be turned into additional storage in case you need more.

3. Let your reflection show who you are.

Large windows and high ceilings are the usual ways to provide the illusion of a bigger living room. But, if you don’t have those, mirrors are your excellent solutions. Putting one on the wall right across one of your windows will make a lot of difference in making the room feel a lot bigger.

But, if you don’t want a big mirror placed on your walls, you can put one behind a light source. Doing this will allow you to fully make use of the light’s reach while also adding a touch of “magic” in your living room.

4. Put life back to your space.

Classic living room

The roles of plants in making any home feel a lot homier has been a tried and tested interior design trick for many decades. These add a touch of nature and so much value to any room in a house, no matter the size.

You can get really creative with your choices by putting a few in your compact living room. Hang some greenery that won’t take up a lot of your precious floor space but still have a huge impact on the overall design.

Even a small living room can be both stylish and functional as long as you make the right design choices.

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