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Smithsonian Channel: Aerial America: Alaska
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Television, United States, Travel
DIRECTOR: Toby Beach

Aerial America: Alaska's Fire and Ice

Enter America’s last frontier: Alaska. It's a world defined by short days, endless coastlines, 100,000 glaciers, and 16 of the 20 highest mountains in the nation. This arctic, aerial flight captures the state’s forbidding landscapes, from the Ring of Fire, where 130 volcanoes stretch out to sea, to Ruth Gorge, an ice-filled canyon that’s twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. We also celebrate its remarkable history, its wide variety of wildlife and its wilder residents, who embrace these great outdoors, no matter how cold or icy the weather.

Aerial America: Alaska's Call of the Wild

For centuries, thousands of adventurers have answered Alaska’s “call of the wild,” seeking thrills and fortunes in a state rife with postcard-perfect beauty…and lethal dangers. Take flight across ancient glaciers, rugged mountain ranges, primeval forests, and pristine waterways. Then discover how the state’s unique charm has attracted bold visitors, from Russian fur traders to a young survivalist on a one-way trip “into the wild” to the thousands of dog sledders facing off in the “Last Great Race on Earth!”

Aerial America: Amazing Destinations

From its Great Lakes to its Grand Canyon, its Rocky Mountain peaks to its Key West reefs, America is a land of amazing destinations. This aerial adventure over the nation’s most remarkable landscapes and landmarks captures the breathtaking beauty of America, while demonstrating how its sense of wonder has inspired countless artists, thinkers, and revolutionaries. Join us on this cross-country tour over sights, both iconic and unknown, and discover a side of America you’ve never seen before and will never soon forget!

Smithsonian Channel: Aerial America: New England Collection
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Television, Travel/Leisure, Travel, United States
DIRECTOR: Richard Mervyn
New England. It's where the sun first rises in the U.S. and where the opening shots of freedom rang out. Home to six original colonies and countless historical landmarks. It is also host to colonial legends strange and exceptional and landscapes that grow more breathtaking with each season.

Go on a soaring tour over scenic coastlines, majestic mountains and our nation's most significant milestones. We visit Connecticut's native mysticism and Yankee charm, Maine's rocky coastline and unspoiled beauty, and Massachusetts' battlefields, seaports, and colorful characters. Vermont and New Hampshire show off the region's independent streak, its winter wonderlands and its fiery autumn foliage, while Rhode Island reveals itself as a tiny gleaming treasure with a big history to share.

From coastal communities that sparkle in summer to forests that explode with color in autumn, Aerial America: New England takes you across six states, through hundreds of years, and over limitless spectacular sights, all from the comfort of your home. 
Smithsonian Channel: Aerial America: Pacific Rim Collection
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Television, United States, Travel
DIRECTOR: Eric Cochran
Join us on a non-stop journey by air over four of our nation's beautiful states, the exotic and breathtaking Hawaii and the spectacular coasts of California, Oregon and Washington.

California - The Pacific Coast Highway of California offers drivers spectacular views while traveling along the edge of American culture. Buckle up for a non-stop flight over the mansion William Randolph Hearst built, the town Clint Eastwood governed and the farmland where Marilyn Monroe once held the title of Miss Artichoke. We soar over beaches and wine country, across Big Sur redwoods, under the Golden Gate Bridge and into the heart and soul of this magnificent state.

Washington - Washington is home to some of America's wildest spaces and also its most modern cities. Often these disparate spaces are just a few miles apart. The Evergreen State is a story of mirror opposites: a wet, mountainous, tree-covered west and a dry, flat, open east. It is home to high-tech industries and America's oldest Native American tribes. Experience all sides of Washington State, from thousands of feet in the air, and witness its conflicting worlds merging to form a land of remarkable beauty.

Oregon - Individualistic, eccentric and freethinking: a unique mix that's intrinsically "Made in Oregon." These traits belong not just to the people of this diverse and dynamic state, but also to the landscape itself. From volcanic Crater Lake to the majestic High Cascades to the perilous Pacific coastline, Oregon is a state of staggering natural beauty. From Lewis and Clark's search for "land's end" to the thousands of emigrants who arrived via the Oregon Trail, the state has always attracted adventurers and tenacious travelers, who keep Oregon's spirit of adventure alive today.

Hawaii - From lush green cliffs to black-sand beaches, from ancient ruins to modern city life, discover the stunning landscapes and astonishing stories of Hawaii's eight major islands without ever touching the ground.

Smithsonian Channel: Aerial America: Southeast Collection
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Television
Aerial America: Southeast Collection offers you a first class, window-seat view of the South’s breathtaking landscapes and landmarks while exploring its compelling, complex past. Our journey takes you through North Carolina’s barrier islands and First in Flight history, South Carolina’s elegant charms and extraordinary past, and Georgia’s hot cities and haunted graves. Flights over Mississippi and Alabama reveal where Civil War battles were lost and the Civil Rights Movement was born, while Florida shows off its stunning beaches, lavish lifestyles, and magical world.
Smithsonian Channel: Aerial America: Southwest Collection
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Television, United States
DIRECTOR: Toby Beach
From timeless lands and Wild West legends to natural and man-made wonders, Aerial America: Southwest Collection showcases the stunning beauty of the this region, while revealing a history that is equally captivating. This sky-high tour includes Arizona, home of a famous gunfight and a Natural Wonder like no other, Nevada, land of neon cities, ghost towns, and dark secrets, and New Mexico, famous for its tales of cowboys and UFOs.  Utah’s wild landscapes offer some otherworldly sights of its own, while Colorado leaves you on a Rocky Mountain high.
Smithsonian Channel: Air & Space Collection
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Television, Aviation, History/Events, Space Exploration, United States, Smithsonian Channel
CAST: Roger D. Launius
DIRECTOR: Bastian Wimmer, Christopher Spencer, Gary Wortman, Jeremy Hall
Come fly with us as we chronicle humanity’s love affair with flight, as only Smithsonian Channel can! This collection brings The Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, the world’s most visited museum, right into your home, with four programs that capture the history of aviation innovation and accomplishments. Enter America’s Hangar to visit history’s legendary pilots and daring astronauts, and the machines that carried them over our first century of flight. Relive our nation’s first decade of space exploration with History in HD: America in Space. Concorde: Flying Supersonic reveals the turbulent 30-year history of the world's first and last supersonic passenger jet. Space Shuttle: Final Countdown tells its own 30-year story, one that would ultimately change the landscape of our world and transform the way we perceive the universe. From life-altering triumphs to life-taking tragedies, this anthology tells one collective story about the human race and its ongoing conquest of air and space.
Smithsonian Channel: America's Hangar
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Television, Aviation, History/Events, United States, Smithsonian Channel
DIRECTOR: Gary Wortman
Americans have always had a fascination with flight. In 1896, man's first man-made aircraft left the ground...if just for a few seconds. Over the years followed such headliner successes such as the Wright Brothers (1903), Charles Lindergh (1927), Amelia Earhart (1928), Chuck Yeager (1947), and Neil Armstrong/Buzz Aldrin (1969).

By the early 1940's and World War II, it was clear that air power would play a decisive role in winning the struggle. War demands pushed aircraft technology and design ahead at a dizzying pace, quickly going further and faster than ever though possible and providing a treasure trove of legacy aircraft.

A new dream of flight began emerging in the early '60s, beyond birds and clouds, to visit a world beyond our own. The U.S. and the Soviet Union engaged in a race to the moon, generating huge advances in science, medicine, and technology.

The Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum (established in 1946), also know as America's Hanger, houses over 300,000 square feet of aircraft and is the world's most visited museum. It has preserved and displays many of the worlds's most renowned historic aircraft.

From the first airplane, commercial aircraft and spacecraft to take an American into orbit,  Smithsonian Channel takes you on a personal tour of the collections of the National Air and Space Museum, chronicling the first century of flight.
Smithsonian Channel: Animal Favorites Pack (Costco Exclusive)
GENRE(S): Family/Kids, Special Interest, Television, Animals/Nature, Smithsonian Channel
DIRECTOR: Tatsuhiko Kobayashi
Smithsonian Channel: Big Blue
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Nature, Animals/Nature, Smithsonian Channel
The Smithsonian Networks present an unparalleled, crystal-clear look at some very grand yet gentle giants of the sea. With high-definition cameras aimed squarely at a special location off the coast of Australia, this informative production offers a full scope on the majestic and endangered blue whale. As much as 100 feet long, weighing up to 180 tons, with a heart the size of a Volkswagen and a tongue that weighs more than an elephant, the Blue Whale is a sight to behold.

Join Smithsonian Networks as HD cameras capture the planet’s largest living creature having a feeding frenzy. Also includes the bonus feature Footprints on the Water: The Nan Hauser Story, which follows the personal quest and groundbreaking work of this American conservationist as she journeys to some of the last unspoiled places on earth on a mission to unravel new clues to the behavior of whales and dolphins. 
Smithsonian Channel: Civil War 360
GENRE(S): Television, Special Interest, Documentary, United States, History/Events
CAST: Ashley Judd, Dennis Haysbert, Trace Adkins
DIRECTOR: Molly Hermann
The Union

We all know who won the Civil War, but there were many moments when victory was anything but certain. Join Ashley Judd, great-great-great granddaughter of a Union soldier, as she takes us back 150 years for an intimate and comprehensive look at the North’s battles and struggles during those bloody four years. From iconic artifacts like Old Glory to small objects like field medical kits and soldiers’ photos, discover the stunning backstories of seemingly ordinary pieces from our past.

The Confederacy

Slave badges from South Carolina. Sheet music filled with boasts of triumph. The jewelry of the First Lady of the Confederacy. Smithsonian curators have collected thousands of Confederate objects from the Civil War, which collectively offer a rich understanding of the South’s viewpoint during this pivotal era in American history. Join country music singer Trace Adkins, whose ancestors fought for the South, as he follows the rise and fall of the Confederacy, from the men who fought to define “freedom” on their own terms to those who were caught in the wake of war.

Fighting For Freedom

A century and a half ago, North battled South in a conflict that would kill more Americans than any other war. The outcome would change our nation forever, and no one had more to gain, or to lose, than American slaves. Join actor Dennis Haysbert as he looks at their struggles through the objects in the Smithsonian’s collection. From a child’s shackles to the inkwell Lincoln used to write the Emancipation Proclamation, these artifacts transport us to a brutal and complicated time when our country tore itself apart.
Smithsonian Channel: Critter Quest
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Family/Kids, Animals/Nature, Bugs, Nature, Smithsonian Channel
CAST: Peter Schriemer
DIRECTOR: John Lawrence, Preston Swigart
Host Peter Schreimer is your Smithsonian Networks guide on an incredible backyard safari to acquaint you with your critter neighbors and how their lifestyles differ from ours. Start out with Creepy Crawlers Everywhere to learn where to find beetles, slugs, frogs, and more-under rocks, attached to the sides of the house, in trees, bushes and just about everywhere in the city or the country, if you care to look. Understand how they prepare for the change of seasons with hibernating and migrating habits in Season of Change. Finish up with The Wild Side of D.C. where you can get a bird's-eye view of all the D.C. critters that make their home in our nation’s capital. 
Smithsonian Channel: Day Kennedy Died, The
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Television, American History/Culture, 60s, History/Events, People/Personalities, Presidents
DIRECTOR: Leslie Woodhead
On November 22 2013, it will be 50 years since the death of President John F. Kennedy. The Day Kennedy Died tells the story of what happened on that tragic day through the memories of people who played a part in those extraordinary events and whose lives were touched forever by what happened. Some have not spoken before. The minute by minute story of the death of a President is told through rarely-seen film and photographs shot on the tragic day. 
Smithsonian Channel: Hunt for Bin Laden, The
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Documentary, Terrorism, Islam, History/Events, United States, 9/11
DIRECTOR: Leslie Woodhead
On May 2, 2011 Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 bombings, was killed by American special forces, marking an end to the longest, most expensive manhunt in American history. Witness the 20-year search for the most wanted man on Earth, as counter-terrorism experts in the White House, the CIA, and the FBI divulge their firsthand accounts. This inside story reveals the presidential frustrations, missed opportunities, and vicious turf wars that tainted the operation right up until the night Navy SEALs ended Bin Laden’s reign of terror.
Smithsonian Channel: Loose At The Zoo
GENRE(S): Special Interest, Animals/Nature, Smithsonian Channel, Nature
DIRECTOR: Gail Flannigan, Jody Schiliro, Mike Dolan, Polly Bryan
Meet the babies at Washington D.C's National Zoo. But it's more than just monkey business for these irresistibly cure and cuddly kids....Even animals have chores!  

Baby New at the Zoo - From Africa to Brazil to India and beyond...Get to know the offspring of four special animals, the Golden Lion Tamarin, Sumatran tiger, Kori bustard (world's largest flying birds) and sloth bear.

Loose at the Zoo: Golden Lion Tamarins - When it comes to monkeying around, few have mastered the skillful agility of this breed.  Dad Eduardo wears a tiny "mokey-cam" to capture all the fun as the family grooms, plays, socializes, and eats lunch.

Tiger Tales - A rare peek into the lives of tiger cubs, from birth to first steps and swim. Did you know that all tigers (an endangered species) have a unique set of stripes, like fingerprints? Or that their tongues are so tough, they could lick the paint off a house?

Smithsonian Channel: MLK: The Assassination Tapes
GENRE(S): Television, Special Interest, Smithsonian Channel, Documentary, History/Events, United States, 60s, Black Heritage
DIRECTOR: Tom Jennings
April 4, 1968. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is gunned down on the balcony of a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. It was all caught on film, tape and audio. So why have we seen so little of it? The well-known photograph of Dr. King's aides pointing toward the direction of the gunfire is iconic, but tells only part of the story. For the first time, a remarkable collection of recently rediscovered footage has been chronologically reassembled. The resulting documentary allows us to revisit the tumultuous events surrounding one of the most shocking assassinations in America and relive history through the voices of the era.
A Peabody Award Winning Program.
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