IMAX Earth Collection (Box)

Genre: Special Interest, IMAX
Director: Ben Shedd, George Casey, Mal Wolfe
Country of Orgin: United States
Production Year: 2012
Studio: Inception Media Group

The Greatest Places

Seven of the world’s most geographically incredible locations come to life in your living room in THE GREATEST PLACES, a dazzling IMAX adventure now newly remastered in breathtaking high-definition for an unparalleled home theater experience. Featuring Greenland’s massive icebergs, Madagascar’s unique inhabitants, the Namib Desert’s sprawling dunes, the lustrous Okavango Delta, Tibet’s ancient plateaus, the roaring Iguazu Falls, and the mighty Amazon river, this tour of the most natural wonders you’ll ever see features amazing wildlife, natural land formations, and brilliant topography, all captured in beautiful detail for a rich, vibrant experience you will never forget.

Ring of Fire

One of nature’s most spectacular and perilous wonders, volcanoes – with a danger radius of 20 miles, temperatures that can exceed 2,000 degrees and lava traveling up to 150 miles per hour – are capable of cataclysmically consuming entire forests or towns and triggering tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes, mudflows and rock falls. Of hundreds of active volcanoes in the world, over three-quarters are part of the explosive Ring of Fire, a 30,000-mile region encircling the Pacific Ocean. Explore this fiery and earthquake-prone region to learn the causes of eruptions and how 500 million people have adapted to –even embraced – living in their volatile shadow … from miners in Chile eking out a perilous living from the sulphur produced in the heart of active volcanoes to macaques monkeys luxuriating in naturally formed hot mineral springs in Japan’s remote “Hell Valley.” Narrated by Robert Foxworth (Transformers, Syriana) and featuring breathtaking cinematography, including extensive aerial photography, from the U.S., Japan, Chile, Indonesia and the Philippines, where – at great personal risk – the world’s top geologists, anthropologists, computer animators and filmmakers spent over seven years documenting this unpredictable and awe-inspiring phenomenon.  

Search For the Great Sharks

Dive into adventure with nature’s most incredible creatures in SEARCH FOR THE GREAT SHARKS! Now newly remastered in spectacular high-definition, this unsurpassed visual journey takes you around the globe to encounter the world's largest sharks above and below the waves. From the wildest remote shores of Australia to the California coastline, this IMAX classic features blue sharks, whale sharks, and, the legendary Great White, all filmed so close you can almost touch them. Filled with incredible photography at some of the world’s most beautiful locations, this is the ultimate close encounter with the most powerful, awesome animals like you’ve never seen them before.

Tropical Rainforest

A spectacular and unforgettable journey into the heart of the remote and far-flung rainforests of Australia, Costa Rica, French Guiana and Malaysia, this globally important adventure explores these disappearing jungle habitats and gives us a rare, intimate look at the lush foliage and incredibly diverse array of inhabitants. Examine the 400 million-year evolution of tropical biology, the rapid and relentless destruction by humans and the scientific urgency to understand the complexity of the forests … even as they disappear. From extreme close-ups to tree-top panoramas, experience these treasured environments on their own terms—with curious insects, gaudy frogs, startling snakes, vibrant birds, extraordinary animals, exotic plants and dazzling flowers. Will thousands become extinct before they can even be discovered? Narrated by Geoffrey Holder (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp) and featuring a music score by the famed, Grammy Award-winning South African men’s choral group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

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      Apr 10, 2012
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      162 Minutes
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