Digital Distribution

Please review the following FAQs and then contact us for further information.

Where does Inception distribute digital programs?

Inception Media Group is a direct iTunes aggregator to over 100 territories/regions including the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Japan. We also have direct retail relationships with Amazon (US) and Google Play (US, Canada, UK, Australia), Vudu (US and Latin America), Vimeo (Worldwide), Xbox (Worldwide), Hoopla (US) and Overdrive (US).

Additionally, and subject to each retailer’s review, acceptance and negotiation, we distribute programming to Netflix and Hulu. Titles are negotiated on a case by case basis and acceptance is not guaranteed.

Inception Media Group is always looking to expand its customer base and distribution channels and we will notify you as new retailers become active. You will then have the option to have your film delivered.

What type of content works best and what are the acceptance guidelines?

Generally feature films are the most successful. Special Interest programs may do well but we suggest that you spend time looking on iTunes and other site you are considering to see if similar programming is already posted. Currently we do not handle episodic programming.

Generally speaking your program should……

Be no more extreme than an MPAA R rating. If your film is not rated you should still consider the MPAA general guidelines especially if the program pushes beyond what would get an R.

Have a run time of at least 60 minutes.

Be available in High-Definition and deliverable on an HD-CAM SR. Standard Definition programs discouraged because they generally don’t sell or rent well. File delivery is not acceptable unless we discuss and approve in advance. Files delivered to us fail more often than pass. Failed files will also cost you more money.

Have a trailer in the same aspect ratio and format as your master.

Have poster art available as a high resolution .jpeg without a credit block, URL, DVD or BD logo or pricing info on it.

Have some reason for the retailers to focus on it (e.g. festival selection or awards, known stars, producers or directors, positive reviews, timely subject matter)

Your program must NOT be…..


Waiting for any licenses or clearances (music or otherwise)

A home movie or UGC (user generated content) that is more appropriate for YouTube.

Instructional in nature, a filmed conference, a filmed lecture or lesson, an infomercial or anything that is more appropriate for iTunesU or a podcast.

What does it cost me?

Inception charges a flat fee for all that is necessary to deliver to the first platform, usually iTunes. Our flat fee is based on the assumption that you deliver a pristine master  with no technical issues as well as all the required caption file, artwork and metadata on a timely basis. If your master fails there is a “failed master fee”. Once the initial platform has been successfully delivered we charge a lower additional fee for each subsequent platform. Please contact us to get additional pricing information.

How does Inception get paid?

Each retailer is different in timing and payment structure.

EST (electronic sell-through) is paid per transaction based on a fixed wholesale price set by us.

VOD (electronic rental) is paid per transaction based on a percentage of the VOD price paid by the consumer.

Subscription VOD like Netflix is a negotiated fee for a fixed period of time usually between one and two years. Netflix does not pay per transaction. During that period Netflix can stream your program as often as it wishes to its users for the fee they paid.

How do I get paid?

Inception processes payments to you 45 days after the end of month in which we get paid. Each retailer pays us on a different timeline. We generally process inbound payments with a few days of receipt. On the first of the month we begin processing and finish by the fifteenth. Inception takes a percentage of the revenue generated each month and then remits the balance to you. We send you a printed report and check together.

How is my program priced?

Once again each retailer is different. iTunes VOD pricing is based on two factors: release date relative to its DVD/BD counterpart and whether the release is HD or SD. iTunes EST pricing is based on tiers and we, together with you, select the most logical and effective tier that will generate sales and maximize revenue. After a period of time and based on activity it is wise to review your film’s pricing and consider lowering it as it becomes deeper catalog. Price changes take a few days to occur. The same logic applies to Amazon and Google. We work with you to maintain consistent pricing across all platforms.

How long does it take for a program to go live?

We need 8 weeks assuming you have absolutely no QC issues with your master. More time is better. Once iTunes has your approved materials, the process moves very quickly. Please remember, Inception Media does not have control over when your film goes live — but this is an average.

How do I make changes to a program once it is live?

It depends on the change. Pricing and metadata is fairly easy but if a you deliver a master and it is live when you discover a problem that requires removal and replacement with a new master you will be charged a full additional primary platform delivery fee. Be very careful and deliver accurately from the beginning.

How do I take down a film that is live?

For all platforms except Netflix and any other platform with the same Subscription fee model taking your film down is fairly simple and generally takes no more than five business days. For Netflix and similar you will need to return the fee you received before we can remove the program.